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What would you do differently if you knew…that your brain
wanted you to be lazy?

What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the body’s autopilot for survival. It is the brain and body's mechanism for staying the
same and saving energy. It’s also the oldest and most powerful biological force.

The brain did not evolve to think or change, but to maintain homeostasis.

Homeostasis no longer works as it should because our biology has not kept up with technology.

Most people never achieve their potential because they are trapped in homeostasis.

Homeostasis is caused by biology and reinforced by society.

You can Break out of Homeostasis by mastering the influences of biology and society. This book teaches you how (with hundreds of actionable tips and ideas).

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What’s inside

Part One


CH 1-Homeostasis: Why Change is Hard

Your brain and body evolved to maintain homeostasis. Its main concerns are staying safe, avoiding change, and being lazy.


CH2-Homeostasis Breakers vs Homeostasis Dwellers

There are three types of people: Homeostasis Breakers, Homeostasis Dwellers, and those who don't know the difference.


CH3-Pushing Through the Plateau

The reason most people fail (at anything and everything) is because they quit as soon as it feels uncomfortable. Winners push past that. They practice the 3 types of pain-tolerance.


CH4-Breaking out of Homeostasis: How to Activate the Brain and Body

Learn psychological tricks to break out of homeostasis and change your mood, improve mental focus, and +20 easy tips for becoming more physically active throughout the day. Two big ones are biological prime time and fasting.


CH5-Allostasis: The Stretch Zone of Adaptability

The more you can eliminate unnecessary stress and avoid becoming chronically stressed, the more adaptable you will be to change.


CH6-Metacognition and Einstein’s Secret to Success

We all have a strong tendency to get stuck in feedback loops. If we do it long enough, the feedback loop becomes perpetuated by homeostasis. People who can detect this before it happens—and prevent it—have an advantage.

Part Two


CH7-The Prefrontal Cortex: How to Increase Concentration, Willpower and Decisiveness

There are 4 main ways to stay mentally engaged: novelty, variation, randomness, and goal-orientation. Maximize for these, and you’ll keep learning all throughout life and continue to improve even in old age.


CH8-The Neocortex: Joining the Cognitive Elite

Max out your analytic abilities by mastering mental models, practicing higher order thinking, and adopting positive thought habits. Learn to use technology strategically and avoid the 3 enemies of thought to become a more accurate thinker.


CH9-Perfecting Your Pattern Recognition: How to Go From Novice to Expert

Expert pattern recognition is when you get paid big bucks just to show up. Because you’re a master who’s got the "right stuff" and they don't.


CH10-Throw off the Chains of Amygdala Slavery: Stop Being a Conformist and Unlock the Genius of Boldness

Your IQ doesn’t matter if it cannot be used on the battlefield. If you’ve ever wondered how dumb people can succeed, this is it.


CH11-Rewire Your Reward System and Thrust Yourself into a Winner Effect

You can become addicted to sugar and video games, or you can make yourself addicted to learning, progress, and achievement.



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By Karl-Mikael Syding,

European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade.

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Ludvig Sunström is an entrepreneur and author. Together with hedge fund manager Mikael Syding, he hosts the popular business podcast "Future Skills", which has been ranked #1 on iTunes several times. His content has been read and listened to by millions of people. His personal blog is at